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c.I.p.p Lining

( Cured In Place Pipe Lining)

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We use our Professional-grade video inspection equipment to assess damage to a pipeline. Consequently this enables us to identify where what and how bad the problem may be quickly and efficiently. Therefore providing the best solution possible for the problem.

First of all, Cured In Place Pipe or C.I.P.P Lining is a trenchless rehabilitation method used to repair pipelines. C.I.P.P uses a textile liner tube and a liquid resin.

As a result it is a jointless, seamless pipe within a pipe system. Hence why this has the main advantage that you do not have to excavate the pipe in order to repair the pipeline. Due to the fact this is a cost-effective way to carry out such repairs. Furthermore once the lining is in place it is heated to make the hardener set off in the curing process.

Therefore at K&M Group LTD for us to carry this process out effectively, we would have to use our high spec HD CCTV camera equipment to check the exact cause of the problem while assessing the best solution for our clients.

The pipeline must be clear of debris clogs and roots etc. For that reason the lining process can be carried out effectively so the resin saturated lining is not damaged.

Finally you can watch this short animation so you can get an idea of the process works.

K&M Group consistently provides our business with excellent and experienced CCTV and Drainage Operatives, we work in the Rail industry which means most work is weekend and night positions of the railways, K&M Group has never let us down regardless of the situation and site conditions. They come with a ‘can do’ attitude with a willingness to help at all times. We look forward to working with K&M Group over the forthcoming years. Their safety record is immaculate, and the quality of service provision is second to none.

Jim Barnett

Senior Construction Manager, Pro Rail Services

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