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Drain excavation, replacment and repair


signs you might have a collapsed drain

Signs Of Damp

Naturally, when you have drainage problems one of the first signs will be damp, blockages or damaged pipe will stop the pipe from flowing freely.  Consequently, this will result in a build-up of water causing it to escape into the surrounding areas. Often resulting in damp patches on walls and floors.

Cracked and Damaged Pipes

If you have a particularly severe collapsed drain that as not been repaired over a certain amount of time. You may start to notice cracks in concrete slabs such as paving or concrete like your driveway.

Odours and Smells

One dead give away sign of a collapsed pipe is the smell of sewage coming from your drains. This could come from the sinkholes in the house or the drains outside the house. The smell is caused by blockages and backups in the pipe. If you get the pipe cleaned and the odour continues to return, a sure sign of collapsed pipe.

A recent pipe excavation and replacement by k&m Group Ltd


In this picture, you can see one of our engineers excavating a collapsed pipe for one of our clients.  Once the collapsed pipe has been identified and assessed in terms of condition and location. Our trained engineers will excavate and remove the section of collapsed pipeline.


Here you can see where the concrete layer above the pipe has been fully removed, leaving just the layer of earth surrounding pipeline.


Once the earth and collapsed pipeline is removed from the site a double socket rest bend is fitted to the downpipe and lined up with the trench.


As you can see here, a further section of has been excavated and our team has routed to an existing waste pipe.


The new pipeline replacement is then tested to make sure it is sealed properly with no problems. The pipeline is then recovered with the with excavated earth.


We then recement the section removed, leaving a tidy, clean and professional finish. 

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